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Ji Hyun Kim†, Chae Young Yoon†, Yukyung Jun†, Bo Bae Lee, Ji Eun Lee, So Dam Ha, Hyeonju Woo, Ahyoung Choi, Sanghyuk Lee, Woojin Jeong, Ji Hyung Kim,  TaeSoo Kim*

NuA3 HAT antagonizes the Rpd3S and Rpd3L HDACs to optimize mRNA and lncRNA expression dynamics

Nucleic Acids Research, gkaa781 (2020)

Min kyung Lee, TaeSoo Kim

Histone H4-Specific Deacetylation at Active Coding Regions by Hda1C

Molecules and Cells, In press (2020)



So Dam Ha#, Seokjin Ham#, Min Young Kim#, Ji Hyun Kim, Insoon Jang, Bo Bae Lee, Min Kyung Lee, Jin-Taek Hwang, Tae-Young Roh*, TaeSoo Kim*

Transcription-dependent targeting of Hda1C to hyperactive genes mediates H4-specific deacetylation in yeast

Nature Communications, 10, 4270 (2019) 

Min Young Kim#, Ji Eun Lee#, Lark Kyun Kim*, TaeSoo Kim*

Epigenetic memory in gene regulation and immune response.

BMB Reports 52, 127-132(2019)


Bo Bae Lee†, Ahyoung Choi†, Ji Hyun Kim, Yukyung Jun, Hyeonju Woo, So Dam Ha, Chae Young Yoon, Jin-Taek Hwang, Lars Steinmetz, Stephen Buratowski, Sanghyuk Lee, Hye Young Kim*, TaeSoo Kim*

Rpd3L HDAC links H3K4me3 to transcriptional repression memory.

Nucleic Acids Research, 46(16):8261-8274 (2018)



Soares LMHe PCChun YSuh HKim  TBuratowski S.

Determinants of Histone H3K4 Methylation Patterns.

Molecular Cell 68(4):773-785 (2017)

Chung CG, Kwon MJ, Jeon KH, Hyeon DY, Han MH, Park JH, Cha IJ, Cho JH, Kim K, Rho S, Kim GR, Jeong H, Lee JW, Kim T, Kim K, Kim KP, Ehlers MD, Hwang D, Lee SB

Golgi Outpost Synthesis Impaired by Toxic Polyglutamine Proteins Contributes to Dendritic Pathology in Neurons

Cell Reports 20, 356-369 (2017)

Lee BB#, Kim JH#, Kim T*

Fine-tuning of gene expression dynamics by the Set2-Rpd3S pathway

BMB Reports 50, 162-163 (2017) # Co-first authors

Hyeonju Woo#, So Dam Ha#, Sung Bae Lee,  Stephen Buratowski, TaeSoo Kim*

Modulation of gene expression dynamics by co-transcriptional histone methylations

Experimental & Molecular Medicine  e326 (2017) # Co-first authors

Min Jee Kwon, Jeong-Hoon Kim, TaeSoo Kim, Sung Bae Lee

Pharmacological intervention of early neuropathy in neurodegenerative diseases

Pharmacological Research 119, 169-177 (2017)


Ji Hyun Kim#, Bo Bae Lee#, Young Mi Oh, Chenchen Zhu, Lars M. Steinmetz, Yookyeong Lee, Wan Kyu Kim, Sung Bae Lee, Stephen Buratowski*, TaeSoo Kim*

Modulation of mRNA and lncRNA expression dynamics by the Set2-Rpd3S pathway

Nature Communications 7, 13534 (2016)



Hye Young Kim, Sung Bae Lee, Hyen Sam Kang, Goo Taeg Oh, TaeSoo Kim*

Two distinct domains of Flo8 activator mediates its role in transcriptional activation and the physical interaction with Mss11

BBRC 449, 202-207 (2014)




Sung Bae Lee, Hyen Sam Kang, TaeSoo Kim*

Nrg1 functions as a global transcriptional repressor of glucose-repressed genes through its direct binding to the specific promoter regions.

BBRC 439, 501–505 (2013)



TaeSoo Kim, Zhenyu Xu, Sandra Clauder-Münster, Lars M. Steinmetz, Stephen Buratowski

Set3 HDAC mediates the effects of overlapping non-coding transcription on gene induction kinetics

Cell  150, 1158 – 1169 (2012)


Marta Radman-Livaja, Tiffani K. Quan, Lourdes Valenzuela, Jennifer Armstrong, TaeSoo Kim, Stephen Buratowski, Oliver J. Rando, Grant A. Hartzog

A Key Role for Chd1 in Histone H3 Turnover at the 3’ Ends of Long Genes in Yeast

PLOS GENETICS   8, e1002811 (2012)



Timothy W. Sikorski, Scott B. Ficarro, John Holik, TaeSoo Kim, Oliver J. Rando, Jarrod A. Marto, Stephen Buratowski

Sub1 and RPA associate with RNA Polymerase II at different stages of transcription. ​Molecular Cell  44, 397-409 (2011) 


Tineke L. Lenstra, Joris J. Benschop, TaeSoo Kim, Julia M. Schulze, Nathalie A.C.H. Brabers, Thanasis Margaritis, Loes A.L. van de Pasch, Sebastiaan A.A.C. van Heesch, Mariel O. Brok, Marian J.A. Groot Koerkamp, Cheuk Ko, Dik van Leenen, Katrin Sameith, Sander R. van Hooff, Philip Lijnzaad, Patrick Kemmeren, Thomas Hentrich, Michael S. Kobor, Stephen Buratowski, Frank C.P.Holstege.

The specificity and topology of chromatin interaction pathways in yeast. Molecular Cell  42, 536-549 (2011)


Stephen Buratowski and TaeSoo Kim

The Role of Cotranscriptional Histone Methylations. Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. (2011) Mar 29


TaeSoo Kim, Chih Long Liu, Moran Yassour, John Holik, Nir Friedman, Stephen Buratowski, Oliver J. Rando.

RNA polymerase mapping during stress responses reveals widespread nonproductive transcription in yeast.

Genome Biology 11, R75 (2010)



TaeSoo Kim and Stephen Buratowski

Dimethylation of H3K4 by Set1 recruits the Set3 histone deacetylase complex to 5’ transcribed regions.

Cell 137, 259-272 (2009)


Maite Huarte, Fei Lan, TaeSoo Kim, Matthew W. Vaughn, Mikel Zaratiegui, Robert A. Martienssen, Stephen Buratowski and Yang Shi

The fission yeast JMJ2 reverses histone H3 lysine 4 tri-methylation. J Biol Chem. 282, 14262 - 14271 (2007)


TaeSoo Kim and Stephen Buratowski 

Two Saccharomyces cerevisiae JmjC domain proteins demethylate histone H3 K36 in transcribed regions to promote elongation.

J Biol Chem. 282, 20827 - 20835 (2007) - JBC paper of the week -Faculty of 1000 Biology “Must read”



TaeSoo Kim, HyeYoung Kim, JinHo Yoon, and HyenSam Kang.

Recruitment of the Swi/Snf Complex by Ste12-Tec1 Promotes Flo8-Mss11-Mediated Activation of STA1 Expression.

Mol. Cell. Biol.  21, 9542–9556 (2004)


TaeSoo Kim, SungBae Lee, and HyenSam Kang

Glucose repression of STA1 expression is mediated by the Nrg1 and Sfl1 repressors and the Srb8-11 complex.

Mol. Cell. Biol.  17, 7695-7706 (2004)


TaeSoo Kim, JiYoen Ahn, JinHo Yoon, and HyenSam Kang

STA10 repression of STA gene expression is caused by a defective activator, flo8, in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Curr .Genet.  44, 261-267 (2003)

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